Children’s Story

This is and excerpt from a story I wrote for a child.

“As they passed the big rocks just before the water, Harley caught a glimpse of a lizard, sun bathing on a rock.  Harley liked to watch the lizards lift their bodies up and down on the rock, as if they were exercising.  Even more than watching the lizards, Harley loved to catch them.  They were fast, but she was faster, and when she caught one, he became her friend for the day.  Harley liked to build a temporary home for the lizards, using a basket and some redwood leaves.  She always included a small rock for the lizards to stand on, so they could do their up and down exercises.  Before the sun went down, Harley let her little friends return to their homes. 

Harley slipped off Windracer and prepared for her sneak attack on today’s lizard.  She crouched down low and moved slowly and silently, inching toward the lizard.  The lizard froze.  Then Harley froze.  Harley started to move even more slowly, when suddenly, she heard a frantic whinny from Windracer.  As she turned to see what startled the horse, she saw a mountain lion perched on a big rock next to the stream. The cougar had his head down and ears back, ready to attack.  Harley remembered what her father had taught her about mountain lions, ‘always look as big as you can’.  So she stood up tall on the rock and raised her hands over her head.  The mountain lion kept his eyes fixed on Harley as he growled.”